Sofia Comas

Nov 9, 2017

2 min read

Most important benefits of 24 hour towing service

Travelling on roads for long vacations or business trip needs you to be prepared for all kinds of emergency situations that come your way. Having a roadside assistance from a towing service company gives you peace of mind when you are on roads. If you are wondering what else these towing service provides then have a look at most important benefits of 24 hour towing service:

  • Towing after accident: accidents can happen anytime, anywhere and it is difficult to get help on lonely roads. Just one call to 24 hours towing Wodonga can get you help within minutes.
  • 24 hour service: 24 hour towing Thurgoona is ready to help you at any hour of the day. Even if your vehicle breaks down at midnight, these guys will reach you and tow your vehicle to the nearest service station.
  • Faster response: emergency towing services are very quick in response. If you call them the help arrives before you expect it to be.
  • Insurance: generally all towing services are approved suppliers of many insurance companies. So if you already have roadside assistance from you auto insurance company then check if your towing service can directly bill your insurance company.
  • Licensed: emergency 24 hour towing service Wodonga are licensed services. They give proper training to their employees for all kind of emergency situations. When you call such licensed towing service then you are assured to get a trained operator to handle your vehicle.
  • Cost-effective: in hour of emergency on roads only towing service comes to your rescue still they don’t charge very much. 24 hour towing Thurgoona have default rates depending upon distance and type of vehicle. These are very cost-effective services.
  • Emergency towing services not only provide best mechanics but also possess high quality equipment and strong tow trucks. They can tow many different kinds of vehicle and even have capability of towing 3 vehicles at once.
  • Additional services: these towing services provides many additional services other than towing. They can jump start your battery, replace the tire, fuel delivery and lockout services when you get locked out of your own car.
  • Towing storage facility: In case you meet with accident and your vehicle is too damaged to drive then you can keep it in towing storage facilities available with towing companies. They have large yard for short term or long term storage of your damaged vehicle and this yard is totally protected with alarm systems, CCTV camera’s and infrared laser beams.

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