When Is The Best Time to Give Flowers To Your Date?

Everyone knows that women like gifts, but how do you know what is her likes and dislikes as you have just recently met and you both started dating each other a few weeks ago. How will you decide when to send her flowers and when to not? You do not want to take overly long, it looks like a teenager, but you also want to do the right thing and tell her that you really like her!

Should you give her flowers on the first day?

The simple answer is no! Although some men think this is cute, it is a little awkward for the first date lady. On the second date, it is best to avoid flowers. When you are on your third date, it shows that everything has to be smooth and this is the best time for a bunch of flowers and send flowers to Hanoi.

You have to remember that sometimes flowers are just compulsory and sometimes they are not cool. The first or second date is a little uncomfortable, but usually at any other time.

• You screw up: Mandatory situations include making her unhappy or making serious mistakes, and literally asking her to forgive. Nothing says ‘sorry’, just like a bouquet of flowers, so you need to suck it and deliver the goods.

• Birthday/Anniversary: Once again, the gift is great, but flowers are expected. After all, you dated her, so you want to make her happy. Flowers have the ability to make women smile forever.

• Valentine’s Day: Mandatory. Even if you think it is a business rush, Valentine’s Day flowers are necessary.

Flowers melt a woman’s heart

Once you have a special occasion for scorecards, birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, you need to remember a great secret in life — women love flowers. So if there is no occasion, that really does not matter. If you bring a bunch of flowers on a date, with a shy smile on your face, you will not go wrong. She will surely accept it and will love this romantic gesture.

It is best not to do this often, of course, do not do that often, as long as it stays random and natural. However, if you like this woman and you really want to continue, then you will not make mistakes because of flowers, just to show her that you care.

When it is not suitable for flowers

When you are ready to break up with her, do not give her flowers, clean rest is the best, flowers will send the wrong message. If she broke up with you, then all you need to do is not just send flowers to Vietnam online, but if you want to stick with her, especially if you need the error of repentance!