Discovering your WHY

Why are you doing this? How does this support your Happiness?

That’s the real question, isn’t it? Why you’re doing this whole “entrepreneur” thing. If you don’t have a real good reason for doing it then I can almost guarantee you that it will be hard to keep it up.

My why is Freedom and Service. The freedom to explore the world and meet new people (I’m learning Russian now) and the capacity to serve other women and entrepreneurs in creating a better world.

I believe that we all need more freedom in our life the freedom to live life in our own terms. And that freedom will ultimately help make the world a better place. Or how Linda so brilliantly put it “When we take responsibility for our own happiness we can through, bring happiness to the world as a whole.” (I’m paraphrasing here, but don’t take my word for it visit her site to learn more)

What is your Why? Or better yet what would bring you happiness? And in doing so bring about world peace.

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