How tools that post to Instagram for you actually work

Staying on top of your Instagram game can be a challenge. It’s still the kind of platform that requires a serious time commitment on your part and remembering to post to Instagram everyday can be hard. But as time goes on more tools are showing up to help you manage your Instagram with ease.

The top players on Social Media scheduling all support Instagram these days. Hootsuite, Buffer, and SproutSocial all allow you to schedule your Instagram posts using the platform. However, all three of these platforms have the same issue: they don’t actually post for you.

For all these tools you schedule the post and then get a notification reminding you to post at that time and copying the image and text for you to post manually on Instagram. The reason for this final manual step is that Instagram’s API (fancy name for rules for apps connected to the platform) does not allow you to post to Instagram from an App.

And now you tell me: But Sofia, there are apps that post automatically to Instagram for you! I know these apps are out there, but what you might not know is that none of these apps are secure.

How apps that post to Instagram for you actually work:

Apps like Schedugram and Buffergram will actually do the posting for you on Instagram and this all sounds great until you realize that in order to be able to do this they are taking your password and username and connecting to your Instagram so that they can then manually do the posting.

The reason why this isn’t secure is simple: you’re sharing you Instagram password with a company without any knowledge of who is actually login into your account to do the posting.

Think about it for a second: someone you don’t know is login into your Instagram account and posting for you.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about delegating and I do the Instagram posting for many of my clients but for me, there’s a big difference between you knowing exactly who is doing the posting and it being done by some anonymous person in some company somewhere in the world.

I want to know your opinion: Did you knew how these apps work? Are you okay with sharing your password with these companies?

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