What are Long Tail Keywords and how do they work?

SEO, Long Tail Keywords and all the buzz words are running around in your head but does it all mean? Today I’ll be shedding some light on what are long tail keywords and how they actually work.

Whenever I talk SEO with my clients one of the key questions I get asked is:

What keywords should I be using?

As simple as the question might seem the truth is that the RIGHT keywords depend on who you want to reach and what you’re talking about.so I would start with that.

So before you figure out what keywords you need to focus on start by asking yourself: who is your audience?

Once you know who your audience is then it’s time to get in their shoes and ask yourself what are they searching for. And that’s where your keywords will come from, from their searches.

And now that you know what keywords your clients are searching for then it’s time to turn those lonely words into Longtail Keywords.

What are long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are just about getting specific and turning single words into a specific phrase that will be more specific and clearer than an isolated word.

So here’s an example: instead of using “be you” in you content it’s about using variations of that like: “becoming yourself” “being you” etc. These more specific words don’t just make your SEO more on target but also make your article more relatable to the people looking for it.

Whenever you’re creating a list of Keywords to use think about what other things someone would search for and use them to create your articles.

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