Heart in little pieces

When you planned to be courageous, you didn’t know it meant having your heart split into million pieces

When I decided to adventure myself into living in another country, I did not imagine that I would live so much. It is quite unbelievable the things I went through, the universe that opened up to me and how much that allowed me to grow.

One of the most spectacular things is how I found people I deeply connected with. It doesn’t happen always and those people are hard to find, but they exist and when I find them I always feel really lucky.

It is indeed a wonderful feeling to know that the world has nice people, people that connect with you, people that share the same interests and same views of the world. Makes the world smaller and feel slightly less scary.

When this life, as an immigrant, gets tough and loneliness settles in, I try to remember that I do have people that I love (and hopefully love me back) — they are just in different cities, countries, continents, and time zones. It is not that I don’t have people, they are just scattered around the world.

It makes me a lucky person, you see? But sometimes, in the selfishness that I get into, I just want them all by my side, near me. I remember once telling a good friend that if I could I would make all my friend become small and carry them around in my pocket. I wouldn’t have to miss them and feel miserable for not having who I need near me.

Having lived in so many countries as I have, my heart has been split into many pieces. When I have good news, it takes me a while to distribute to all of the people around the world; bad news I tend to hide a bit more, because I don’t want to worry, although there are the few that know regardless of time and distance what is up with me.

It is really something to have a piece of your heart basically in every continent of this world. But is also, sometimes, a bit confusing and frustrating.

Who said good things are easy to deal with?

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