She said one of the biggest problems is people in the organization who discourage, punish, or hide failure.
10 Things I Learned at Mind the Product 2017
Josh Johnson

Hopefully this is a very summarized version of what she said because this is a weird simplistic view of what the problems for these companies are. One problem for big corporations can be the difficulty to innovate and to “punish” failure, but that is because they are too big and processes take time to be approved. By the time something is accepted and approved is no longer innovative or, actually, is not correct for that moment/market, etc.

Big corporations don’t easily grow due to their size and the market — often there is canalibization, which I don’t understand how this is not tackled more. I am sure that the fact that they don’t innovate doesn’t help as they could see new places. products. Certainly it is not the only reason for it.

Also, I would love that people would start talking about this insane obcession about growth — it will soon kill our planet (there are not enough resources). And can we also mention something about the fact that not all companies can grow? It is not possible — this is not utopia.

Anyway, thank you for sharing — all poitns are interesting. I liked particularly the one about metrics and people.

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