Our problem is getting people to discover us in the first place now that there are so many other choices to pick from.
Jobs to be done — Getting started
Nathan Kontny

I think, especially these days, this is the biggest problem for start-ups or “old companies” with completely new products.

Products based in technology companies are easy to set up — the barriers are almost non-existing; but it is in trying to stay relevant that the difficulty comes these days.

I think the US is a very different market than European market. For one, you are a big market, which means you can survive solely on your market; in Europe, since it is a group of different countries, with different laws (and different currency at points), it is harder to give the jump from your origin country to the others, and often it is not enough. The US market is also more open than the European one.

So, my question, will probably be hindered by your American experience… nevertheless, how do you make people to get to know your product and pick you over other software?

Thank you!

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