Trade show marketing — I’m afraid I’m going to screw this up
Nathan Kontny

Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate how honest you are about the struggles you face with your business — from inheriting it (not being the founder, therefore, not knowing the whole business when you started), to finding it hard to make it known to the relevant clients.

I believe this article points out a potential good solution for your business and I look forward to see how it went. In my family business (we are a bit different than you, so we face different issues), we also struggle to stay afloat, not because we don’t sell, but because the market is quite saturated, so prices have come down over the years, with competitors fighting over price and not so much innovation and/quality. Getting our products, which are really good and sometimes superior to certain competitors, is hard and when you have a small team and a small budget, you start to think of ways to reach your clients.

Trade shows could be a potential good idea. As I said before, look forward to hear it from you how the experience was.

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