As the city of Paris emerged from quarantine, Parisians discovered that 1000km of streets had — overnight — been transformed into temporary bike lanes. This radical move by the Mayor’s office is a powerful signal of the mobility revolution happening worldwide as people seek faster, cleaner, and safer ways to get around in their cities — one that fuels global demand for the next generation of bicycles.

With this in mind, Future Positive Capital is thrilled to announce its investment in Cowboy, a Brussels-based company that offers beautifully-designed connected bikes. …

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Investing in deep-tech companies solving global needs.

A new wave of entrepreneurs is on the rise. Focused on building highly successful businesses that solve the world’s biggest problems, they use advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, synthetic biology, genetics, and other deep technologies to solve problems such as tackling climate change, feeding the world’s growing population sustainably, coping with an ageing population, dealing with our mental health epidemic or eliminating plastic pollution.

While venture capital seems to be slowly recognizing these new opportunities, our observation is that capital remains incorrectly distributed across the spectrum of opportunity, particularly in the European early stage ecosystem. …

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A venture firm driven by a singular conviction.

That the greatest value creation over the next 50 years, will be generated by entrepreneurs who apply advanced technologies to advance humanity.

It defines our thesis as well as the entrepreneurs we back, the people we hire and the way we go about our work.

It reflects alternative focus: to back companies that tackle intractable challenges and serve overlooked demographics; that tread unbroken ground and tell unwritten stories; that liberate untapped talent and unlimited potential.

Where diversity is the default, invention is the necessity, sustainability is the standard, the progress is global and where the returns are outsized. …


Sofia Hmich

Founder at Future Positive + Board Director at Ynsect. ex @indexventures, International expansion Manager @Deezer. Philomath, lover of daring minds, technology

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