“Sunday saw one attempted suicide and five injuries in two road accidents”

This was the headline of a news story tweeted by a popular news website on Sunday evening. A normal headline to a normal reader. But it did not just tell us about the story, the news hed reflected how routine suicides have become.

There are road accidents. There are fires. There are abductions. There are robberies. And. Then there are suicides. Kashmir is a place where anything can become normal after sometime. Like killings and pellets. So no surprise.

Since I know the headline is a ditto copy of daily police press note’s email subject-line, we can forgive the deskie who uploaded the story on a rainy Sunday evening. But I wish it were the only case of apathetic reporting about suicides. Wish, right? Not many horses around.

So. Let me write. Please.

Suicides are NOT accidental. Though they may be caused by a speedy brain but they are not same as road accidents. Suicide is a SERIOUS issue that needs to be reported or talked about empathetically. Police (which treats civilian killings as unintentional MISTAKES) may treat suicide as just another happening in the town but shouldn’t at least a journalist understand that an accident is an accident and attempting to take one’s own life is NOT an accident. Oh. Actually. That’s a metaphor for how lightly we take the subject.

Suicides don’t just happen. Suicides are not criminal acts (Oh! Sadly. They are. Constitution! But they are not hitting someone on road, or robbing a bank, right?). A person has lived with something so severe that the only solution to it seems to exist only in the unknown(Hereafter?Come on! Suicide ain’t religious).

Police, can you at least do a favour. Please don’t write the names or addresses of the survivors (of both dead and those who attempted). Our reporters are too overburdened with the politics to edit out the details that could lead to identification of the survivors. I know you are also busy with same shit (though your ways to deal with politics are different. Finish!). But. Maan lo. Names and Addresses pe na PSA laga dou. Stigma would curse you for arresting its job but I’m sure the survivors would pray for you.


Please don’t take the road. Life may not be beautiful but it is worth living. You’re not alone. Live. Laugh. Love.