8 Tips To Help Restaurants Get More Instagram Followers

You’ve most likely already heard about the importance of having a strong presence in social media, even for restaurants.

We know that you’ve created your instagram and Facebook profiles and started working on it. Then, why people is not following you more? Why your competitor has more than 10K followers? And what it is more important: how have they done it?

If you don’t want to be left behind, keep on reading! We promise there is not a secret formula but definitely we can give you a few tips to help your restaurant get more instagram followers.

1) Post regularly: Every post is a chance to get more followers, about 2–3 times per day would make it.

2) Post quality content: People would rather interact with posts that have a value for them: a beautiful food picture, a nice table set up, a video of your chef working etc…

3) Don’t promote yourself: If you don’t like when you have a intrusive banner in a website when you are browsing, people don’t like to get unwanted advertising. Not in the images or videos, neither in the text that accompanies them.

4) Use hashtags that are relevant to your business: Instagram only let you to use 30 hashtags per post, so choose wisely! Bonus tip: When you start typing a hashtag Instagram will recommend similar ones and will also tell you how many people are using them. The more people using them, the most likely you are to attract more followers!

5) Be active in the community: this means comment in other’s people profiles, follow them, like their pictures and also like the comments in other people’s pictures!

6) Be nice with your followers: thank them when they comment on your post with kind words, answer every questions they have and celebrate milestones. Followers are potential customers and they like to be treated good from the brands out there!

7) Be mindful of the hours when you post: Think about when your target audience could be active on social media. Best times for restaurants posting in instagram are from 5–7 in the evening.

8) Don’t buy followers: it just doesn’t work, and we have proof of it.

If you want to see an example of restaurants with a good amount of Instagram followers and good Instagram work, check out Chef Rene Redzepi’s feed or Massimo Bottura’s.

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