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We are one of the top manufacturers, distributers, exporters and largest suppliers of salt lamp in Pakistan. With a factory spreading over 14 acres, we can handle several bulk orders at a same time. We produce high quality, free flowing salt. The manufacturing process of the salt is carried out on various steps. We give guarantee the 100% quality and natural to the best in the world. The Company has built a reputation of having largest section of Himalayan Salt Lamp products such as including Natural Salt Lamp, Crafted Salt Lamp, Edible Salt, Bath Salt, Aroma Salt Lamp, etc. Whatever is your need, Meadows Rock Salt Enterprise can offer you a world of tiling solutions with best in quality and design for your requirements. We are looking forward to forming business relationships with retails and Distribution Company throughout the international market.

Wholesaler Products include:

· Bath Salt

· Animal Shape salt Lamp

· Himalaya Salt Lamp

· Aroma Salt Lamps

· Animal Lick Salt

· Crafted Salt Lamps

· Natural Candle Holders

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Website: http://www.himalaysalt.com/

Email: info@himalaysalt.com

Phone: 0047 2216 2216, 0047 40144028

We never stick to a single solution when it comes to serve our customers. We offer various payment methods, which are as follows:

· Cash on Delivery or Pickup

· Deposit in Bank Accounts

Net Banking and ATM Transfer