Racism in America: Nothing New

A teenage view on the Charlottesville attacks

The rally that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend stunned the country. This could happen here? they thought. Who knew that America still had so much hate? The answer to that is simple. We all knew. To put it plainly, America is and will continue to be filled with racist and hate filled people unless something changes. This country was founded by white men for white men, and while the government has made leaps and bounds over the past two centuries or so, most of what you see is cosmetic. If you peel away at the beautiful, shining, “equal” top coat of America, you will find something vile. If you look into the homes of those who have a Make America Great Again sign in their front yard, don’t be surprised if you find KKK members, swastika tattoos, and Confederate flags. When Trump supporters pass the test of carrying no racist propaganda in their homes, they may claim to be “anti-racism”. Don’t be fooled. Their racist propaganda is hidden in the depths of their minds, and is fueled by the frighteningly rapid success of Donald Trump. So what do we do when something as tragic as the terror in Charlottesville happens? Many people turn to popular retweets and controversial Facebook reposts to share their opinion. Perhaps this is the reason that America is still scarred with these racist attacks. Everyone jumps at the chance to be loud as can be, as long as it is behind the safety of their keyboards. No one is doing anything to make a difference. So, I implore you to go out and do good in your local communities, volunteer more often, help your neighbors, teach our young ones to love, run for office if you want to make a change. If people can learn to let prejudice affect their views of others, they can learn to let hate go. Don’t let the attacks in Charlottesville take away your hope for an equal future. Let these horrific attacks serve as an example for what we are going to make sure stops happening.