7 Things Men want from the Woman they dated

Are you someone that asked and wondered what men really wants from their woman? Let me just give you some of the things I believed to be important for men that women must know and should have.

  1. A man wanted a happy woman.

Of course, nobody wants a woman that a smile is so pricey. Men wanted a woman that have a joyful disposition and have a positive energy. He already have enough negativity vibes all day at his office, and when he arrives home, he wanted to be greeted by a woman that who is happy and owns that wide smile on her face as embrace and welcomes him home.

2. A man wanted a woman that knows what is going through his life.

It does not mean that the woman will be like a talking and walking calendar that will keep work projects, but he simply wanted the woman to remember things that are taking place in his life and he likes it when you recall to questions about them.

3. A man wanted a woman that can “select her spots”.

This means that the woman should NOT create a federal instance from almost everything he is doing wrong and will cut him in a break every now and then. The men admitted and realized that they are really bad at dating and with relationships. But, they definitely don’t want a woman that will never allow him to forget this.

4. A man wanted a woman that cares about her body and being sexy just for him.

This indicates that she is aware what type of lingerie she will wear and he likes. She must be sensitive to the kind of perfume she will use and he will surely like it. She must know his opinion of the variance between sleazy and being sexy.

5. A man wanted a woman that admires him.

Men need to believe that they are strong, smart, and useful so they need women that will help them feel this way. If you continuously criticize him and questioning every move he makes and attempting at making him always feel such an idiot, he will definitely leave you.

6. A man wanted a woman that can hold herself when being out together in public.

This does not denote that you need to be the life of every party where he brings you or you are talking at ease for centuries to people you have just met. This only means that if he takes you to an event in his work, and then he talks to a colleague together with his wife, you can still chit chat with her. Or, if he walks off to the comfort room and leaves you behind for about 5 to 10 minutes, you can still find something that can make you interact with the other people. He simply doesn’t want anyone that seemed to be like a wallflower.

7. A man wanted a woman that will allow him to have that guy’s night out.

Once in awhile, without accusations, recrimination, or even guilt; guys want to spend time with his friends. Guys don’t want women that will question every move they make and will give them a hard time to decide about this matter; this will make them feel trapped and suffocated. A man needs to be with his own occasionally so that he will have that room to be a man/guy.

8. A man wanted a woman that can fit in “all the buckets.”

This terminology has been described in many version bit it only means one thing. A man wanted a woman that can fit in the four vital groupings. First, she needs to be sexy and attractive for to him. Second, she needs to be logical or smart. Third, she needs to be oriented with the thoughts of what family really is. Lastly, she needs to have that charisma to play so well with his family and with his friends too. Many men often find a woman that fits in one or two from this bucket and they rarely hit that bonanza, the complete four. Remember that if you are the four bucket lady for your guy, then, he will surely marry you.

About the author:
I wrote this to give advice to women and couples to have a good relationship that can last.
I’m a writer and a blogger.
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