A new rumors of 2018 Dodge Barracuda appeared

New Dodge Barracuda for 2018

One of the most classic and awaited car of 2018 is ready to rock the world next year with its absolutely brilliant looks and features. It will come in the form of replacement of Challenger. The car has been a topic of discussion for quite a few years and is finally ready to hit the market in 2018. It will outsmart numerous muscle car models if speculations that round this car are to be believed as true.

The expected features of the upcoming sports car are better acceleration, inclusion of both manual as well as auto transmission mode , the engine might get upgraded which is still not confirmed till now, It is anticipated to have a superb framework with independent frontal as well as upgraded back suspensions with superb transmission and large effective brakes. It is also rumoured to weigh less that too by 600 lbs. It is expected to use very advanced chassis i.e. much lighter shorter and narrower, which will use independent suspension in the front and the back with a very capable suspension system, with so much to offer it is surely a super-car to look forward to next to next year and the features don’t end here, it supposedly offer much more interior space than earlier models and may receive a longer wheelbase.

It is speculated to have a much efficient turbocharged engine to improve fuel efficiency which is the need of upcoming generation with time. It might get released with three different engines, but we do know that Dodge is not going to use Alfa’s rear wheel drive platform. The base models will have a 2.0-liter engine that has got the ability to stack up 300–450 hp and torque of 290 lb-ft. This is only for the base models as the higher ones will incorporate the latest 3.8-liter or 4.0-liter V8 twin turbo engine having the ability to score up 500–600 hp and torque of 500–600 lb-ft. It is expected to mate to an 8-speed ZF transmission gearbox, body panel is expected to be constructed with distinctive metal sheets which will be much stronger and durable than what its rivalry cars available in the market possess.

Source- twitter

Now coming to the design of the car we can expect a complete transformation in existing Dodge model but few features might remain same there are rumors that some defining characteristics of existing design specifically the posture of the car and belligerent front and end portion might be carried forward. The long wheelbase will be a good incorporation as it will give more interior space to passengers. It shall bear the appearance of midsized-Sedan having adjustable coupe trims. The built-in and the design will be launched keeping the new and upgraded technologies in focus which will accommodate at least 4 adult passengers with ease though it might bear a small-size than before. The whole information is still not divulged especially about the internal trimmings is still unknown and will have to wait for the more updates coming in future. It may surprise us with entirely new looks for its future models so just keep your hope highs and finger crossed far the astonishing design that will be unveiled in 2018.

The actual release date and pricing of the car is still under the wraps but as per experts, it may get launch in early 2018 with the price tag of whopping $60,000. Main competitors of the 2018 Dodge Barracuda might be Subaru GT and Hyundai Genesis but it is going to give a tough completion to all and run for the money to its competitors, So in short the future car, Brand New Dodge Barracuda is going to be the muscular affordable sports car with lots of new features and latest design it may meet expectations for some and may disappoint some but it is surely a car to look forward to in the coming year. On the top of it all, it will be a much better car to drive. It is supposed to be more compact — like an original Barracuda debuted in 1964. In the end, as the Barracuda names say it all and the wait is just going to get over, keep hopes high for the all new Barracuda future car of 2018.