GPS Tracking Devices To Track any car anywhere

When it comes to comfort and luxury nobody backs down. Using public transport to travel is not possible for everyone. Due to this, the number of motor vehicles has increased enormously in the recent days. The common condition of most of the well-earning households is that everybody with a driver’s license has their own car. In the ever-busy hectic schedules, it is not so easy to keep track of all the vehicles of the house. But if you choose the right tools, the process is not that difficult too. Today’s technology is so advanced that, with the help of GPS trackers you can locate your vehicles from wherever you are.

Basically all vehicle tracking systems make use of Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the location of the automobile and the transmitter attached to it transmits the location data continuously to a centralized server and when the user desires to know the location of his/ her vehicle, stored data from the server is dispatched to the user’s Smartphone. Rewire Security is a UK-based international enterprise that offers security solutions and vehicle monitoring routines. The company aims at developing cutting-edge positioning technology and providing cost-effective, robust security systems to its customers.

The products marketed by Rewire are designed to locate or track your vehicle from anywhere around the world. Some of the products produced by the company and their description are as follows

• The H80 vehicle CCTV DVR
H80 is a compact 8 channel encrypted vehicle CCTV security system that comes with a Digital Video Recorder. The system records all the activities that go on inside and outside the car and stores it in the provided memory that can be expanded up to 256 GB in SD cards and SATA drives (Hard Disks). The DVR can be supplied with up to 4 cameras. A wide angle, the foldable LCD screen is also provided. The system is equipped with keyboard/mouse and remote control support. The GPS logging is optional and the cameras start recording as soon as the vehicle is brought to ignition mode.

• The 103-RS+ Alarm kit
It is very common to have fears of your automobile getting stolen. So it is necessary to install a security alarm that notifies you in a case of a break-in. The 103RS+ is a car alarm kit that provides added protection your vehicle with sirens and text messages.
The most advanced feature of the device is its ability to cut off the fuel supply to the engine remotely. If your car gets stolen, you will get a series of text messages and with just one click on your Smartphone, you can immobilize your vehicle’s engine and retrieve its location with the help of the received GPS data.

  • Teltonika FM 1204 GPS/GSM tracker
    The FM 1204 is a piece by art GPS/GSM tracker that is manufactured by Teltonika who are one of the well-known suppliers of military grade tracking equipment. The system houses a set of very sensitive motion detectors and deep sleep functions.

Along with GPS, the Teltonika FM 1204 houses another positioning system called Global Navigation System Satellite (GLONASS). GLONASS is a high-end satellite-based tracking and navigation system that uses up to 24 satellites to keep track of the automobile round-the-clock.

The updates from the tracker can be monitored from the user’s Smartphone through a sophisticated app. The system uses a quad band GPS module along with GLONASS. The FM 1204 also offers offline data logging and remote diagnostics log functionality with GPRS in addition to advanced over speed detection and real-time tracking.

  • The DTY X7 vehicle DVR
    The X7 DVR kit is a system ready kit that can be used straight out of the box. The highlight of X7 is the AHD (Analogue High Definition) CCTV technology. The AHD technology enables the user to record videos in higher resolutions. The system is provided with a Sony-2431 sensor and waterproof cameras enabled with 12 high-resolution Infrared LEDs for night vision. The kit also contains a 4.3-inch built-in screen. The system provides a memory support up to 2TB in Hard Disk Drives.

There are many other devices and tracking systems marketed by Rewire security such as the 104Pro, WG200, and others that help you in maintaining a log on the location of your car. The main advantage of these devices is that they can be installed in almost any type of automobile. So install the best suited Rewire product and stay relaxed about your car’s security.

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