Guidelines for filling PAN New Application online

The PAN Card (Permanent Account Number) is essential for taxpayers. You are given a unique alphanumeric code that allows you to file your tax returns. It is mandatory when you are applying for any small business establishment. In case you are doing transactions which are huge in an amount, it is required. You will need it to open a bank account and works as your identity as well. You can apply for a PAN card online and make your application and when you get your code, you can check the pan card status too.

This is the guideline to help you in making you PAN application online. You can easily do it online and get your unique number with ease. The application procedure is very simple and easy where you can quickly get your PAN number.

Instructions to File Online

You have an option when it comes to applying online, you can either apply through NSDL or UTI. You can find the NSDL Application form on the official website and fill it as per the instructions. Also, the application form for UTI can be found online on their official website as well. You can file for your PAN card here on these two websites and avail your unique code. In order to make sure that you are filling the correct form, ensure that it says form no. 49A. This information that is provided here is specifically for new applications only.

Remember all these instructions while making your application online. PAN card application is very simple and you can do it without worrying. You can even read further details of the application procedure on the official websites of NSDL and UTI. In case you require any assistance you can always reach the customer service and contact them. Before you start with the application procedure read the instructions carefully to ensure that you do it properly without making any error.

Documents Required

The application form requires certain documents in order to prove your identity and address proof. You need to provide these to ensure that your application is complete and without any error. PAN card is very necessary for a citizen and helps to pay taxes and in other monetary work as well. The documents required by NSDL and UTI are the same and if you have the documents while making the application it will be easier and faster to complete the procedure.

· Identity Proof- A document which can help to prove your identity can be used. You can give your Aadhar Card/Driving License/Voter ID card, and much more.

· Address Proof- You can use the Aadhar card/ration card/electricity bill/phone bill/water bill/voter ID card/domicile certificate for this matter.

· DOB Proof- You can use your high school mark sheet/official birth certificate/Aadhar card.

When you have done filling your application form for new PAN, you will have to pay the fee that is required. You can pay with your Debit/Credit card on the payment gateway and complete the procedure. After you have made the payment you can take the printout of the filled form and past your recent photo and put your signature on the designated space. Do not forget to attach the documentary proof that is required for the specific column.

Checking PAN Card Status

After you have filled your PAN application form you will be given an acknowledgment code. Remember that this is not your PAN card number because that will take some quality time and will be delivered to you. In order to allow you to know the ongoing procedure and the current progress of your pan card status you can check it online as well. It is just as simple as applying for a new PAN. You can go to the official site and check you pan card status with ease.

You need to have with you the Acknowledgment Code that was given to you after completing your online application procedure. Following is the details you require to check your pan card status.

- Acknowledgement Number

- Your Name

- Your Date of Birth

This is the information you need to fill there in order to check the current status of your PAN card application.

You are ready to make your online PAN application for a new number. Remember to read the instructions and the keep the documents and a copy with you while filling the application. You can complete your online application procedure hassle free and on your own now.

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