Handbags quiz for the fashionista in you

Are you interested in fashion and own a closet full of fashion products to flaunt? Do you know what your personal style is? If not, then get started with the online fashionista quiz. These online quizzes ask questions about your choices of clothing or shoes or accessories in different situations and prepare a result for you by categorizing your personal style. It is basically about your choices in fashion. If you choose red over pink, then you move from the girly to the glamorous fashionista category. There are certain product-oriented quizzes as well, such as handbag quiz, clothing style quiz, etc. This article understands the ways in which a fashion quiz can help you uncover your fashionista style.

Five style categories

The producers of online handbags quiz and other fashion quizzes create these questions in accordance with five categories. Your answers will sort you into any 1 or a combination of these classes. These questions are framed by fashion stylists who have worked with a lot of women in the industry and know the art. These five fashion categories are:

· Classic

· Chic

· Whimsical

· Bohemian

· Avant — Garde

It is regarded that if you are taking the right quiz be it footwear quiz or handbag quiz, it will give you a class among any one of these categories only. Getting sorted into a class will help you get started to form your personal styling label.

Your choices in styling

These fashion quizzes are basically a test of your fashion sense in different daily life situations. In a preference for the favorite shoe — type, you get the options for tennis, boots, high — heels, loafers, and sneakers. These 5 options all belong to 5 different categories. Similar questions are asked about your choice of outfit for a night party, a beach date, a red carpet event, etc. A handbag quiz focuses on the kind of bag you would choose among a satchel, clutch, sling, hobo, and other types. These quizzes bring out your preferences on the basis of varying options to test your style category.

Clothing personalities

Fashion quizzes predominantly focus on the style of clothing you belong to. It judges on which handbag you would choose with which attire. There are eight main archetypes of clothing styles — Classic, Dramatic, Trendy, Bohemian, Natural, Creative, Urban, and Romantic. But it is not necessary that you will belong to only one style. You may have a clothing style as a combination of several archetypes. A major aspect of this clothing style is your body traits. The type of personality that you have influences the types of clothes that you choose. You can be urban and classic together but not classic and trendy. Women with a polished clothing style have a classic fashion persona, while women who go with flow follow the everyday trends in the fashion world.

Handbag quiz

A handbag quiz asks you questions about the type of bags you would prefer for a party, a meeting, a hangout, and a regular day at the office. Based on your answers to these questions, the quiz will group you into a styling class. If you choose to take a metallic clutch to a party and a sequin sling to a hangout, then you are the glamorous one. This handbag quiz also tests your knowledge with brands and bags and sorts you into a fashion group on the basis of your awareness as well.

Colors and accessories

Based on your preference for the kind of colors mostly seen in your closet and room, you get a fashion style. Colors and patterns matter in the fashion world. Your favorite colors define your fashionista persona. The kind of accessories that you choose based on the everyday conditions also affects the answer offered by these quizzes. The kind of colors that you mix and match is also an important aspect of the quiz. This aspect is taken into consideration in the clothing and handbag quiz and all other quizzes.

Fashion quizzes are very helpful in finding the fashionista version in you. They ask you questions about your fashion choices in different situations of daily life. The result in generated on the basis of your answers to these questions and you are grouped into a fashion category which defines your personal style. This personal style should dictate your preferences in the choices of footwear, accessories, handbags, clothing, etc.

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