How Non-Comedogenic Moisturizers work on your skin

Why the skin needs moisturizers?

Human skin is too sensitive to different kinds of weathers. The skin has several tiny pores all over the surface that help in removing the dirt and toxins from a body, by excreting a sticky substance called as Sebum. The excretion of sebum is not only limited to cleaning the dirt and toxins, and the removing the dead cells, but also helps in rejuvenating the new cells over the surface of the skin. But in today’s world, these pores are no longer helpful in removing dirt and toxins due to too much of pollution and the skin is mostly dry and if not the skin is not properly taken care off, it can lead skin to become rough and itchy and to overcome these problems of skin, moisturizers are used.

A moisturizer is known to be as non-comedogenic when it is capable of fighting against the problem of blocking pores that could develop into comedones, which is also known as blackhead that can be found in the skin. Now skin has different classes to be classified in as Rough, Oily, Normal and Sensitive skin. Each skin needs different types of moisturizers. These great moisturizers are one of a kind that in suitable on almost every type of skin. To understand why to use these great moisturizers, one has to know about the pores that are present on a skin all over the surface. These pores allow the skin oil to pass onto the surface. The main problem begins when the pores are not clogged properly and a substance called sebum is not excreted, not letting the body oil to escape through the skin. These can happen because of change in hormones resulting in physical blockage of the pores and cause dead cells to cover the pores. By using these great moisturizers, one can keep their skin healthy and shining and new forever.

A moisturizer is best to use after having a bath because at that time the pores on the skin are most active and moisturizer will penetrate through these pores and will be of great help to the skin. Also after cleaning your hands, you can apply moisturizers as due to contact of water the pores gets opened and moisturizers will penetrate through these pores resulting in a healthy and bright skin.

There are a lot of moisturizers that is available in the market but one should choose a moisturizer according to their skin type, their age, and any type of skin disease like eczema, pimple, etc. One may consider these tips to buy a moisturizer for their skin:

For one who is having a dry skin, should use oily moisturizers for their skin as these moisturizers will keep skin pores open and will let the skin oil escape through it.

Sensitive skin is much prone to the pollution, so for sensitive skin, one should look for a moisturizer with soothing ingredients, and also keep in mind that the moisturizers that one is selecting do not contain ingredients like dyes or acids.

Nowadays, most people have oily skin and this is because the skin pores are not able to excrete Sebum and acne is the most common problem that people suffer because of oily skin. So, one should consider only light moisturizers for their oily skin type.

This skin type is neither too oily nor too dry and is also referred to the perfect skin. But this skin type also requires moisturizers to maintain balanced nature of skin and it is recommended to use water-based moisturizers for this type of skin.

With aging your skin also starts to age, i.e. it becomes rough and dry and in order to keep one’s skin soft and healthy, it is recommended to use oil-based moisturizers for their skin.

The article discussed above focuses on the use of non-comedogenic moisturizers in daily life. It is being discussed that how these great moisturizers help to keep the skin soft and healthy and why one should use it on their daily basis and also they are suitable for what type of skins.



Single mother and digital marketing Professional from Kansas :)

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Sofia Wilson

Sofia Wilson

Single mother and digital marketing Professional from Kansas :)