JBOX, the New Phase of the Video Market

With the world changing rapidly, different ways of doing businesses are also constantly emerging. JBOX is one such platform that promises to be a game changer in the field of video streaming. A decentralized video streaming platform, JBOX is making use of blockchain technology to enhance viewers’ video watching experience while at the same time earning money. It is a revolutionary method being used in the market known as cryptocurrency that deals with online currency. It is the money which a person earns while watching and surfing videos on the internet.

It is a strong competitor to YouTube and the company visions aim to become an indispensable tool within the next five years. The fields in which it aims to be useful is aerospace, education, mass media and many others. Registered members of JBOX earn money simply by watching and uploading videos on its platform. One of the best things about JBOX is probably the fact that viewers can earn money simply by watching advertisements, which no other video platform has offered so far. Moreover, JBOX’s approach is to satisfy all its customer’s requirements and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. This way, they are trying to build a solid and a great customer relationship.

Proof of Value and Proof of Upload

Their mining process, Proof of Value and Proof of Upload, is a well-augmented streaming program and the company aims to lead the cryptocurrency space. JBOX is believed to be primarily established to reduce poverty across the world by introducing a platform where any person can earn money just by having an internet connection. They want cryptocurrency to be accessible to everyone in the world and the easiest and most effective way for this to happen is through watching videos. Thus, regardless of the competition in the market, it is expected that JBOX will become a huge hit.

The company guarantees Proof of Value and Proof of Upload to increase its customer’s wealth easily and securely. Proof of View is used to keep a count of the number of videos that have been watched and how much money has to be deposited into the viewer’s account.


JBOX ICO might have become a familiar term for those who have been keeping up with the company’s progress. The Initial Coin Offer (ICO), was started by the company to encourage citizens to become a part of the project. The company already has 10 shareholders but offers a lifetime opportunity for everyone in the society to become involved. The ICO is all set to be launched on November 8, 2017.

JBOX Benefits

● For those who are looking to earn money uploading videos on JBOX, the company accepts videos in any field: coding, programming, books, navy, etc.

● It rewards its users for the quality content creation and sharing by Jboxcoins.

● Proof of View and Proof of Upload are used to keep a track of a number of videos watched and thus ensures money is deposited accordingly.

● Registered members can spend their leisure time efficiently.

● Increase in employment opportunities.

The company also offers live chat support for users to share their experiences or issues with the platform. The live chat is available at jboxcoin.org.

JBOX was founded in January 2016 and the research for the platform was carried on until late February 2017. In 2018, the company plans to launch its IoS and Android apps. Since the beginning, founders of JBOX were keen on encouraging people to re-invest and become key players in the world of digital currency. JBOX will eventually earn customer’s hearts because it helps them appreciate their lives better.

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