Locate the Bank Routing Numbers on a Check Made Easy

Find and check routing numbers

A ‘Check Routing Number’ the ABA routing number is nine digit code, used in United States for banking purposes. It is generally used to identify any financial institution in a transaction. It was developed by American Banks Association. The American Bank Association routing number and Chase account number can be obtained from a voided check.

Why routing number came into existence

The invention of routing number was a great break-through in the sector of banking mainly, including transactions done by financial institutions. Sometimes errors are caused due to confusion in name of similar banks or if a check gets misplaced then to prevent the misuse this number was invented. This creates a user-friendly atmosphere with the bank. As no two banks can have same routing number, it is easy to differentiate between two similar banks. And as the routing numbers are given on the basis of location even if the checks gets misplaced then also the routing number can guide to the correct bank which helps in minimizing the errors.

Finding Routing Number Made easy

How routing number works

The routing number is given so that the transactions made to any bank can get deposited correctly without any confusion. Sometimes two banks have similar names which sometimes results in mistakes. A bank has an allotted number according to location or the type of task it performs. Hence a bank may have more than one routing number but no two banks will have a same routing number. The main use of routing numbers is Direct Deposit, check processing, automatic bill payments, wire transfers.

The routing number can also be found on the website of the bank. But the website honestlynow.com has made a collective form of all these banks and their routing numbers. This makes it easier for user to find the routing number whenever or of whichever bank required.

This website provides the easy availability and a better interface by which you can find your check routine number. Also, this has other options that are for other purposes. This website also provides the users option of net banking if all banks put together. That is, it will be not compulsory to download all applications of particular banks, forget banking.

Find and check routing numbers, also referred to as ABA routing numbers, or routing transit numbers.

The routing number consists of nine digits of which first four are the numbers representing Federal Reserve routing symbol. The next four digits are assigned by the American Bankers Association (the ABA number).The ninth digit or the last digit is the check digit. It’s calculated manually by using an algorithm.

About Honestly Now

The website honestlynow.com is a website for users for browsing services in fields of banking, routing numbers, swift codes, bank schedule. Nowadays most of the transactions are online so it is always easy to have a place where you can have access to various banks of USA and where banking can be done in an easy way.

Using Honestly Now

For checking your routing number select the routing number option from the browsing services. The page containing names of banks of USA and their corresponding routing numbers and location of the bank is given.

By clicking on a particular routing number a page consisting of the details regarding the bank are given. The details include Routing number, name of the bank, address, Phone number, type of bank (whether main branch or sub branch). This page consists of about 200 series of pages where you can find the particular bank’s routing number. This helps in easy way of finding the routing number for the required bank.

The website Honestly Now has created an easy way of checking the routing numbers by first of all making it online and providing a different section of routing numbers where the users can find the particular bank’s routing number.

Generally, the business community of United States has a major role in banking sector due to which it’s their daily routine of transactions and deposits. Hence the website Honestly Now has created a good impression by creating a website for users who are generally trying to find the routing number or are to be in regular banking from different banks. The majority population of United States use technology rather than physically checking the details. This is the reason why this website (Honestly Now) has flourished among users.