Things to check during optic comparison

Sofia Wilson
Dec 15, 2016 · 4 min read

An optic is a circular glass type material that can be of concave or convex type lenses and is used in devices like Binoculars, Telescope, sniper attachments, or eyeglasses. Now according to the use of each and every device, one should choose its optic. Some of the great comparisons of selecting an optics is shown below

Quality glass

While selecting for a great optic glass one should check the quality of a glass. Sharp glasses with sharp curves is the great comparison here that can be made while selecting the best optic according to their use as these types of glasses are important for reading mirage. Some of the best manufacturers of optic glasses are U.S. Optics, Schmidt, and Bender, Swarovski, etc.

Zoom Range/Power

When selecting optics for a rifle or sniper attachment one should check for its zoom capacity as it will be helpful for the shooter to acquire a targets’ position accurately.


Some of the optics or scopes are too large to handle. But nowadays, the optics companies are coming with more and more convenient ways that are easy to carry anywhere and can be used according to their suitability.


Along with the portability, the compactness of optics is also considered. One should look for small and light weight scopes and with high super magnification power that will help them to acquire their target accurately and also for most of the application when they are outside in the field.

Objective Size

The objective size of the optics should be chosen in such a way that it can gather more light from the sources. Like for e.g. in a sniper telescope, the small scope is placed before the large scope as this helps the shooter (in a case of a sniper shooter) to get a better view of the target as the lens used in that scope is of concave type and forms a real image of the target.

Light transmission and Eye Relief

It has been misunderstood by some people that scopes emit light. It is not like that, scopes don’t emit light but they have light gathering ability and can hope to offer only 98% of the light that and it is proved theoretically, which can only be found in some of the finest and expensive scopes. The more the magnification power of the scope, the less is the light reached to an eyepiece and vice-versa.

Lenses and Coating

It is very important to choose a good lens with a good coating for a proper clarity of an image that occurs on the eyepiece. Optic should be fog proof and waterproof to acquire a target accurately. The coatings on an optic can be Single Coated, Multicoated, fully coated and fully multicoated. The optics with coatings are not cheap but at times effective too. The Coating on lens reduces glare and increases the ability to light due to reflection. The more the coating the better the transmission of light through the lenses and also produces sharper contrast.

Lens Diameter

The diameter of an optic should also be considered as one of the vital parts while doing a comparison for the best optic. Being aware of the lens diameter one can get an idea of how the optic will be fixed on your device. The large diameter of an optic can help in determining the scope clearance and how well is it going to be mounted on your device. A smaller mid-sized lens will only help you to determine your target for a lower profile and size does matter in selecting a good scope.

Field of view

While selecting a scope for your rifle you should consider to having look for the field of view (FOV) for your object. Field of view is the amount of view you see through your eyepiece. According to the rule of Field of View, if the size of the image decreases, the magnification power of lens increases and vice-versa.


Clearly, whenever you are planning to buy one, it is understood that one should compare their optics with other similar optics to choose a best-suited product for him. Like it is discussed above one should take care of lenses, types of lenses, the diameter of the lens, and so on.

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