Today I changed class, to another level. This teacher is an old man who smiles in the weirdest ways. Today he taught us how to cure a hangover (20 millilitre vodka, of course). But Swedish, not Russian vodka. He says he only drinks Absolut Vodka. I assume though that he drinks water too.

He also said that the British people weren’t serious enough about today’s referendum. Because, when watching the news this morning, he had seen the two camps (remain and leave) facing each other and they didn’t even fight. We all agreed, obviously not serious enough. (I hope Britain will leave the EU. But my bet is for Remain to receive some 54% of the votes. We’ll see…)

He questioned me on Russian literature. And when I said I thought Anna Karenina is an interesting character, he just shook his head and kept saying that she was crazy. When another girl in the class told him she hadn’t read it, he just said “well, she commits suicide, she jumps in front of a train, she was crazy.” So I guess now she doesn’t have to read it haha. No spoiler alert (and I guess I’ve done the same now hehe, so I hope most of my readers have already read it or don’t plan to).

Also, I have realised that flowers is a REALLY big thing here. Basically every flower shop is open 24/7. You never know when you start craving those peonies. And an old babychka who sold flowers on the street told me that boys should buy girls flowers all the time, that is why the shops are open 24/7.

Later tonight I’ll be attending a lecture on fashion and the city at the Strelka Institute for Architecture and Design. We shall see if my Russian vocabulary on fashion and urbanism is good enough haha, but I doubt it. However, me and my sister went there in April and they have a great restaurant and book shop too so I think I’ll manage anyhow.