So last night Kasey, one of the Americans on the course, said that he believes in mermaids. Kasey is otherwise a very sensible and intelligent person, he’s been in the Army and is doing his masters in international affairs, but apparently he also believes that there are mermaids out there. The reason for it is this documentary.

Today in class he tried to tell our teacher, in Russian, that he believes mermaids exist. Our teacher was not easily convinced, shall we say. He asked where the scientists who had found proof for it were from and Kasey said he thought they were Swedish and Yuri, our teacher, just said that that made sense because Swedes like finding things in their waters that aren’t there. Hilarious. He genuinely believes that, for example, the recent submarine really was Dutch. I said I didn’t think so, haha.

This afternoon I am meeting a Swedish journalist, a Moscow correspondent for Expressen, to talk about all things Russia. Really looking forward to it. And tomorrow we’ll go to Mosfilm, a Russian film studio which is one of Europe’s largest and oldest, founded in 1920 and home of some of Tarkovsky’s and Eisenstein’s work. That will be exciting!

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