Today I went to uni as usual. And afterwards we went to the stolovaya as usual (and I had the same thing as usual). Then I went to the Tretyakov gallery. Anna and I went there in April, but it is huge, one of those museums you can go to again and again and still see some paintings you’ve never seen before.

It focuses on Russian art and Russian art before, say, the 1930s.

This one is called ‘The Vanquished’. I didn’t even notice the dead bodies at first.

And here’s a guy that looks riktigt statsmannamässig. Emperor Nicholai II.

And apparently Tolstoy was quite the model in his time. I’d like to call the one below ‘Just chillin’’

And then I went to Pyatnitskaya, which is one of the oldest streets in Moscow with only two-storey buildings basically and loads of hipster cafés. Another great thing about it, the name of the street literally means the Friday street.

Had one of the best salads so far: spinach, fried cheese, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, aubergine and some other veg I don’t know the name of. Also, got a home-made raspberry infusion because the waitress greatly approved of me reading Turgenev. They also had a white rabbit I forgot the name of.

And that was my Wednesday.