Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

There have never been any PC at my home. The era of technology in my life started with the laptop in early 2000-s. Today is 2017, and we can hardly imagine ourselves without a smartphone. This device is increasingly replacing not only PCs but also notebooks at the market. It’s not only a calling machine anymore. The phone allows us doing the variety of operations, starting with creating notes and ending with the bank account management. Applications are the tools to help with almost every action, and business ones help to administer the affairs.

In other words, mobile business applications can be divided into two types:

1) the application for employees, which is used for internal purposes;
2) the application for clients, which is designed for marketing, branding, and sales increasing.

The most popular types of mobile applications for business:

1. Mobile applications for processes automatization. This category includes an advanced automation system for restaurants, hotels, shopping centers.

2. Productivity and work:
– System files sharing;
– Questionnaires (Surveys);
– Project management system;
– Internal communication, messengers;
– Mobile version of corporate social networks.

The most popular types of mobile applications for clients:

1. A mobile app as an extension of online services:
– Mobile banking; 
– Tracking of orders or parcels;
– Mobile Internet catalogs and stores;
– Applications for booking and purchasing tickets.

2. A mobile application as a loyalty program that replaces the regular customer card.

So, if you run a business and want to succeed, a mobile app is your must have. But how to create a mobile app for your business? Learn more about the technological side of mobile app development.