5 Excuses to tell your boss when your Data is lost

Losing the data on your hard drive can have a whole list of negative effects to both you and your company, which could result in your job placement being put into question, especially if you lose the data of a big project that was due today and your excuse is that your HDD died.

Even if you are telling the truth your boss will not want to hear what you have to say, as it is an excuse which many people before you have used before, when they are late with work.

So what do you do?

No matter how true your excuse is, if you end up losing the entire project on the day that the project is due, your boss will be angry with you, and telling him or her that your hard drive failure which is why the work is not done is like telling your school teacher that your dog ate your homework, no matter how true it is they will never believe you nor will they ever accept that the work is gone.

There are two options which you can make use of and both of them will either buy you some extra time to make sure that your work can be submitted and both get your boss off your back.

Option one: Tell the truth and let your boss know you are already doing something about it

Most people won’t accept being told the truth or an excuse without you telling them that you are doing something about not having the work done, in the case of losing information off a HDD you will need to be honest and tell your boss that your HDD broke and that as you speak you are getting it fixed by a company the specializes in Hard drive and RAID data recovery and then give your boss an estimated time that the work will be recovered by.

This allows your boss to see that you have taken responsibility and gives them an excuse to tell their bosses when they get asked why the project is late.

Option two: Do everything to prevent a data loss

The title suggests a list of excuses you can use to get out of losing data, however,there are 5 ways to prevent even getting into that situation.

1. Think about working online — it is becoming a common practice for most companies to make their employees work online

2. Backup everything online — Online storage is cheap and in most cases free to use, meaning that if your HDD does die you should have no reason not to have the work.

3. Make use of an external HDD — For those of you that don’t trust online storage, making use of an external HDD can save all of your information and data.

4. Look after your equipment — This seems like a no-brainer, but if you look after your equipment you should not have an issue with hardware failure.

5. Make use of Virtual Offices.

There you have it, the best ways to make sure you never lose data.

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