Top 5 Podcasts You Must Listen to Right Now

Podcasts are hidden jewels of information. They’re great to listen to at work, in the car, or while fitting in a workout. They’re also an essential ingredient of success. Here are the top 5 podcasts I get the most out of and that I think everyone needs to listen to! These aren’t ranked in any particular order because they all bring something different to the table.

1. TED Radio Hour

If you like TED talks, you’ll like this podcast. It comes out once a week on topics that you may or may not think are interesting at first glance. Usually, I read the title and think “eh”, but then I listen and think “whoa”. Guy Raz does an excellent job narrating and interviewing. This podcast will help you stay up-to-date on current events and keep you knowledgable.

2. The MFCEO Project

I’m addicted to this podcast. It’s more geared towards the entrepreneur mindset. However, I think anybody, whether you’re the boss or employee, can get a lot out of Andy Frisella’s podcast. Andy is just a great guy to listen to in regards of being your best and living to that potential. This is your motivational podcast.

Just be warned: it’s titled the MFCEO Project for a reason so don’t be shocked when they use strong language. I wouldn’t let language deter you from listening. Just don’t put it on in the car if you’re driving your kids to school.

3. Dear Sugar Radio

This is one of the first podcasts I started listening to. Cheryl Strayed (author of best-selling novel and major motion picture Wild) and Steve Almond make a fantastic pair. Their show is like a living advice column. They talk about everything from dealing with infidelity to family issues to addiction problems. Their range is wide and even if the topic doesn’t feel particularly applicable to my life, I always get something out of it!

4. The #AskGaryVee Show

In my head, I’ve dubbed Gary Vaynerchuk as “the Russian dude that’s badass and loves the Jets”. He’s a social media expert and an absolute must listen to podcast if you’re in business at all (aka if you’re working, you’re in business like the one you walk into from 9 to 5). This podcast is mostly him answering questions. He’s honest and a lot of what he says is not found lurking around the Internet. It’s learned by being in business. This is a no bullshit podcast that focuses on the long haul.

5. OrganicFit.Tv

There’s so much crap in the fitness industry. Anybody can claim themselves a fitness and/or nutrition expert with no training. This podcast features two guys: Thomas DeLauer and Adil Harchaoui. These guys bring science to an understandable level. They are breaking down the myths and giving legitimate advice. I know this because I have a background in dietetics and their info is sound. So, if you want real and excellent health advice, these guys need to go on your radar.


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Originally published at on September 19, 2015.

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