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- My name is: Sofia Cordoba Vasquez

- My learning styles are:

Visual: I think one of my learning styles is visual because I like making conceptual maps because you can create it the way that you want and also organize it in a fun and good looking way so people and I understand easily and don´t get confuse. Normally I have a good sense of colors and I like drawing a lot, so when the teacher tells us to draw something I try to do my best and use the skills that I have in this media even if everyone says that I doesn´t has to be really detailed or complex.

Social: Another learning style is social because I like a lot talking, even if at the beginning I seem shy and insecure, I like talking with people and expressing my ideas in a good and respect way. I know how to get to people and communicate with them, also, many of my friends come to me to give them an advice and I like counseling them.

Solitary: Even when I have a social aspect, I like being alone and also know when is the wright time speak and when it´s not. I know myself very well and know with who and how I can work well and sometimes for bad luck I don´t fit with everyone and don´t work well with all of them, and that´s okay because it´s normal to don´t like everyone, so sometimes I prefer working alone because I think I could do a really good work if I propose it. I analyze things very much. When I want to make a decision I think about it very much, so at the end I know I made a good decision or even if it wasn´t the best decision, it was the wright one according to me.

Verbal: I Like talking about everything: philosophy, I haven´t seen it at school but I research and talk too much with my grandfather about it. Politics and my position in front of them, (also because of my grandfather). Religion, what I think about my religion, what is good or wrong, and what I think about the other religions (with my father). I think that if I talk about everything I like to talk about I wouldn´t finish, but I think I am really good at this area.

Physical: I like exercising and while doing it think about my problems and how to solve them in an ethic, and respect way. On the other hand I also use exercise as a way to forget my problems for a while and just have fun.

Logical: I like math class, even if it sounds weird for most of the people. I like understanding it and also explain them in an easy way when someone asks me if I can explain them. I understand patterns and not only in a mathematical way, also in any day of my life. Like someone expressions and how they change. For example: I talk to someone and that someone answers me in a coarsely way and then every time I talk to him/her he answers me the same, so I think about it and find that it´s a pattern, so I think about what I did to piss him off in order to fix it. (2004) Retrived (09, 2016) from:

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