Why FoodTech is the secret ingredient to a better future

Getting my FoodTech fix on the go.

1) Tech is the most sought after ingredient

  • Agtech
  • Consumer apps and services
  • Food delivery
  • Food processing
  • Food safety and traceability
  • Kitchen and restaurant tech
  • Next gen food and drinks
  • Surplus and waste management

2) What’s on the unicorn menu?

3) A glimpse of the potential future

4) Final thoughts

  • The FoodTech market is booming. We see new start-ups building new technology / new business models within each of the sub-sectors almost every day. We come across exceptional entrepreneurs that are striving towards building a better future, we want to support them & be part of building a better future and so are many other VCs.
  • As our environmental awareness has increased exponentially the last couple of years, we are adapting and changing our decision-making in our lives. This has particularly affected the food-space, as we are more keen on choosing locally grown & produced products, organic, ecological-labeled products and such. Besides this, we are keen on choosing alternative packaging options that are biodegradable for our food products. We also tend to eat leftovers more now than before and not just for the sake of saving money. When it comes to the suppliers, behaviour has also changed due to the changing behaviour of the consumer. There is a lot of potential for producers and suppliers to capture the willing consumer that is looking for the “better for the environment alternatives”.
  • As we have already touched the subject, the ever increasing speed at which we produce and consume as well as move around in our everyday lives, joggling multiple tasks in our lives, we are looking for ways to save time. Choosing to spend more time on the things that matter to us, that are value-adding for us in our lives or just more fun. All of it makes us look for ways to increase efficiency and food is no different. Whether it being take-away delivery for those cozy, comfortable nights at home or having a full bag of groceries delivered instead of carrying it all from the store, we are keen on using these services more and more.



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