Mood Swings: Oct 18, 2016

Last week we focused a lil bit on working music, ya know, those repetitive beats that are basically Adderall shoved through a drum machine? This week there’s going to be a couple of songs like that, just ’cause I’ve been so busy and working so much, and some more upbeat ones for those of you who just wanna dance. But mostly because I just want to dance.

Anyway, this week there’s only four songs because I’m fucking tired and busy and I couldn’t find a fifth one that was good enough.

Solomun— Friends

This is my hyper-focus, get-shit-dun song of the week. I got a lot of writing done to it, and it helped inspire a couple of my late nights at the office. This guy is going to be at Ultra Festival in Split, Croatia, this summer, where I am also hoping to be. It’s long, it’s calming enough to get me through doing the work I have to be doing (even if it’s so boring), and it just straight up sounds good. There’s much potential for incredible remixes from this track too, since it leaves a lot of room for exploration and creativity with the beat.

Osunlade — Envision (Âme Remix)

I stumbled upon this track on YouTube while searching for something else, and I’m glad I did. Osunlade is a very talented producer and musician, making tunes that are fairly spiritual and reflective of his religion. Âme are a German electronic duo, and if you know me, you know I’ma huge fan of German electronica. This remix is not a let down of the latter, mixing a house-based track with the traditional pillars of German synth vibes.

Clams Casino — All Nite (Vince Staples)

I saw Clams last week and it was an incredible show. Sadly, I had to leave early — but not before I caught this track. Obviously I had heard it before, but I never really got ham about it until I heard it live. Now I’m out here demanding my Uber drivers for an aux cord so I can blast this, sending it to all my friends to put on their party playlists, and also making my coworkers get into it by playing it super loud on my headphones at my desk. YOU LOVE IT. YOU LOVE IT.

Gutter — Vinnie Maniscalco

This came up in one of my playlists unexpectedly, and though this is somewhat of a different direction from the kind of EDM I usually listen to, I really dig this track and I can’t seem to pinpoint exactly why. This song came out over three years ago, which is why I guess it doesn’t really sound familiar to me, at least in terms of my regular taste — back then, I wasn’t listening to as much EDM or electronica as I am now, and I certainly wasn’t pursuing it or studying it the way I am now. This is like trap EDM though, a unique song that I really want to find the right context for, just because I still view it as so different from anything else.

If you like these tracks and want more music recommendations from me, feel free to follow along on my Mood Swings Spotify playlist, which I’ll be updating every time with the songs of the week.

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