Freedom of Being

Sofia Moræs
6 min readAug 3, 2018
This life is just a dream, why not make it the best dream of all?

In school they never taught me how to sow, they did not tell me about the universe, how to be happy, or how to be free.

I spend most of the time day-dreaming at school or reading old books that I would find somewhere at my house, most of them about biology, science and space. Teachers never really care what the students where doing. I never understood the why of all the things that they taught us. When I finally finished my studies, I had no idea how I would live my life and how I would spend my time on this earth. So I figured to be a designer just because I was very good at art, illustrations and in finding the perfect balance in the chaos.

Months later I realized that all the people around me somehow influenced my way of being, then I understood that the truth I was living in wasn’t 100% mine, it was something that someone else or the collective had thought before.

I knew that if I continued this way, some day after having lived half of my life I would wake up regretful, because I had lived the reality of someone else, (which is not that bad) but my desire to live a different life and to know the why’s of our existence pushed me to think outside the box…

Then I thought: to find myself I would have to leave the schemes established by all I know. I had to be filled of lives, experiences and knowledge from many people and moments to form my own truth … then I decided to travel.

If it’s scary, it’s the right path!

Traveling was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, leaving my beautiful family, everything I knew for something totally disconcerting and unknown was actually one of my worst nightmares. But I did, I began to travel and as the days passed I began to know myself, my fears and problems walked by my side but I knew with certainty that one day I would have enough capacity or power to walk with them in peace.

During the first years I learned how hard life was, and how difficult it would be for a girl from a small city of an South American country to go out into the world and be someone. That did not stop me from climbing slowly but progressively. My parents always taught me that hard work will always give rewards. My…

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