Physics in Wonderland

Sofia Moræs
Jul 24, 2018 · 4 min read

“To us … the only acceptable point of view appears to be the one that recognizes both sides of reality — the quantitative and the qualitative, the physical and the psychical — as compatible with each other, and can embrace them simultaneously … It would be most satisfactory of all if physis and psyche (i.e., matter and mind) could be seen as complementary aspects of the same reality.” -Wolfgang Pauli

Yep! consciousness can be just a state of matter

But hey! — you would say — who really cares what’s really going on, what matters is that we are here — true, I might say — but have you ever think why?

Why? is the question I have always ask myself, “why?” it helped me get where I am, I even remember when my father grounded me just because I was asking to many why’s… but yeah there is stuff more important than why? like for example: Now

Why not now?

So one of the most important lessons I have ever learn during my travels, is that e v e r y single thing, life, moment it is completely and inexorably connected in the Now. You, the neighbor, the tourist you see when you travel, the puppy, that nice palm tree, that guy who sees you while passing in the bike, are connected, as well as the past, present and future are just intrinsically connected to this moment… in other words, you are already dead, you are already born, you are here and in the same time you are connected to all and everything is connected to you! ( I know is weird but when you understand deep inside of your being is kind of cool :))

For example, people always come with theories of what happened in the past, like: if we came from the aliens or: we got our consciousness thanks to the sacred plants, or: it was Jesus! or: put your Theorie here…

How I see it? the earth has approximately: 4.543 billion years is like: everything happened!!! Jesus, Aliens, Dinosaurs, maybe even our ancestors saw a Star Wars in Egypt…absolutely everything could have happened in those years! of course we will never really know, what we can really know is that somehow all those things made us be what we are now.

The only thing that changes the present moment is our attention, did you know that we can control what happens around us? or did you know that absolutely everything that exists was imagined before? then somehow it matters a lot what we think, what we imagine and what we desire since that is the true origin of the matter or the medium in which we manifest our material reality. That’s why big companies direct our attention ;) and that’s why we must concentrate on the real!

Knowing that we are the owners of our destiny, and that nothing comes without any reason, the game can change. That is a truth that I have used to get where I am right now, and the same truth that I share with all the beings I love, but somehow some do not seem to understand.

So if you want to see something in your life, it’s not just imagining it, it’s wanting it, it’s working hard for it NOW. The balanced combination of mind and matter can make your dreams come true! and what I write is not new, it’s metaphysics, this information is old, I only write it because maybe this information reaches someone who does not know about this yet :)

That was the way I made this trip come true… today is my third day in Bali, and somehow I have fallen in love with this place, here it seems that the mind and the matter is connected in many ways, the locals are so friendly, it is so easy to get people to smile when you see directly to their eyes, it’s like the Balinese know this truth, they and I are right now in this moment… I love this place so many cultures, nations, smells, and sensations in one place, so much to learn and so little time… I just love it!

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