Us vs Them

Sofia Moræs
Jul 11, 2018 · 4 min read

Today is Wednesday and like any other summer morning in Graz I’m in Philipp’s bed working on my computer. The reason why I decided to write this and not do what I’m supposed to do today, it’s because I am tired of seeing the same articles about the same themes, and people doing the same things that everyone does to be able to be something in life. I know that human beings are connected in a synchronicity of actions, but as far as I’m concerned, I hate to see that everything around us strongly influences who we are and how we feel. I miss the randomness of the old internet, the new ideas made for the collective, the very true moments, real beauty and uniqueness of being… everything is going in an uncertain direction and I kind of want to write about it.

You see, I come from a town called: Barcelona located in a beautiful but very f****d up country called Venezuela, so how do I end up traveling around the world and living in Hawaii, Austria and Bali? just one idea: I wanted to be something that the others around me were not, easy as that! and of course, working extremely hard it took me to that goal, but the first idea was that: to be something that the world ( or I ) has never seen before .

This is Barcelona, located in Venezuela, not in Spain;) #knowwhatyoudontknow

This idea has inspired me throughout my life, I have worked very hard to keep this vision always present, because in some way I feel human beings are being led by materialistic currents via destruction or nonsense :) and it takes some concentration to keep the essencial in mind.

That’s me kiting on sand dunes just because is soft & fun.

Have you ever thought about the final outcome of your actions or work? I know it’s easier to be a primitive monkey and press buttons to make easy money like some people that I know, like come on … are they only existing to be in front of the screen and see stats go up and down? I do not want to say that what people do is wrong or right my point is, does anyone know what the hell are they really doing? like… are you seeing the big, BIG picture? everything can be done in this world, and we are here just a little while, and people choose to be without thinking why?

Time waits for no one :(

2 week ago I was in Venezuela living in pure ‘Socialism’ or more like skeleton of it, being in that place where having water is a luxury I appreciate and enjoy life much more than in any first world country, having been there living without buying any material object other than food was a revelation for me, you know? It made me in a way more human, I felt happier with myself, full of life, I appreciate every little thing… without internet or things to buy my mind only took care of the fundamental things of being: love, create and enjoy/ share every little and simple moment, and that felt really really good!

This universe has absolutely no sense, and we are freaking microbes why complicate life? 🤷‍

Leaving Venezuela took me about 2 days, traveling from state to state to take a plane that would take me through the border, it was easy for me because I have been traveling for 7 years already, for others was the most difficult decision they have ever made…(btw Is weird how life change over time, it is never how you expect it to be)… anyway the next stop was Brussels, Belgium being there was a very radical change, absolutely the opposite of what I was living in my country, the consumerism in pure flesh, and I will not say that I didn’t enjoy all that free chocolate and the nice city lights but I could see the BIG difference of mentalities, lives and obsessions, worlds within this same world…all this trip made me think that I have to do something, something that unites the two worlds in harmony, is the only thing I can do right now to feel a bit of peace with my existence and this world.

That’s the reason why I’m here, sitting on Philipp’s bed in Graz, Austria planing the next trip, working and building ideas, that have never been done before, creating beautiful solutions that contribute to humanity and YES it may be that I am only a grain of sand in this immensity of minds that only want to make money destroying absolutely all the resources of this planet, even so I will maintain my ideals simply because it feels like is the right thing to do.

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