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Andrey Tuchkov
Nov 2, 2017 · 2 min read

The P2P platform SOFIN goes preICO

This means that soon you will be able to use SOFIN tokens. The exclusive token trade with the reduced price of $0,45 will last only for 2 days, from 4 to 6 November at the KickICO platform. From 6 November, the price will be raised to $0,50.

The SOFIN platform is being developed for the consumer loans and with the further development it will start working with entrepreneurs.

Everyone willing can invest. SOFIN is of a good interest — it provides more advantageous terms both for lenders and borrowers, comparing to bank terms. You can read the details here.

The SOFIN token is a payment unit of the system. It is bought out from the exchange to cover the operation commissions, it is used for the transactions cashback. Also, it is possible to provide up to 20% of loan amount in tokens. The loan is given to the borrower in fiat money of his country of residence, according to the laws of this country.

The use of SOFIN token solves the problem of conversion of alternative currencies into fiat money.

The target audience of SOFIN P2P platform is Russia, African and Asian countries. The contracts will be adopted to these legislation systems.

The aim of tokens is to promote the participants of the transactions. We consider it to be the effective way of stimulating not only the quantity but the quality of the transactions within the platform. The more transactions are done and loans provided, the higher the price of the token. And, consequently, the more popular the project becomes.

The usage of the tokens is tax-exempt and provides the transparency of the transaction.

The application of virtual currency is thought and sharpened at the previous online-projects. We’ve got the long-term experience in financing and web-developing of such projects. That’s why we are sure in the success of SOFIN platform and token.

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