The ultimate guide to Prepare for CCSP Certification can boost your score

Verify You’re at the Vanguard of Cloud Security

Feb 2, 2018 · 4 min read

In the ever-changing creation of the cloud, you face unprecedented security trials every day — from new threats to sensitive data to illiterate internal teams.

Take control with the CCSP: the premium cloud security certification.

The CCSP is a worldwide credential that embodies the highest standard for cloud security expertise. It was co-created by (ISC)² and Cloud Security Alliance — leading pursers for information security and cloud computing security.

When you earn this cloud security certification, you establish that you have detailed knowledge and hands-on experience with cloud security architecture, design, operations and service orchestration. Start scoring your CCSP today.

How I equipped for CCSP exam and Passed with GOOD score

I passed CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) on 18 Jan 2018. I live in Australia. In Australia, only eight people are certified for CCSP as on 18 Jan 2018.

Earlier Breakthroughs :

  • CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) — June 2017 (Score 662/800, in top 10%)
  • CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) — Jun 2016 (Score 659/800, in top 10%)
  • CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) — 5 Jan 2016
  • CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control) — 10 Dec 2016 (Score 594/800, in top 20)

My Education:

Tech. (Computer Science ) — 1990 with 25+ years of Experience as VP / Sr Vice President — IT in manufacturing organizations with a more significant focus on IT security & SAP implementations.

My CCSP exam preparation:

Note: NDA binds me with ISC22. So I can not talk about real exam pattern or questions. I can speak about challenge level.

  • I began my CCSP exam readiness on 15 Sep 2017 after passing CISA. I encountered a lot of difficulty during CCSP exam preparation due to shortage of available resources. It his was not a problem with CISSP as a lot of resources was available. I inaugurated with official CCSP CBK from Gorden. I had read some reviews that CCSP CBK is not right to read & exam is not based on CCSP CBK.
  • In Oct 2017, I purchased All in one by denial carter. It contains approx 300 question.
  • I also referred some NIST / iso documents. Viewed Cybrary CCSP videos
  • I prepared with the online practice exams with EDUSUM’s CCSP mock test
  • I rate EDUSUM CCSP questions (1100+) are the best as compare to AIO questions and CBK / CCCURE. Also, actual exam questions are very similar to the questions which I have faced with EDUSUM.

Overall, if you are positive in your ability to take the exam and analyze the questions for the correct answer, I feel that there is no need for a boot camp apart from EDUSUM practice exams. Just remember that the CCSP book is drafted horribly, but there are lots of other sources (other books, online, etc.) that you can use to study for the quiz. I also used these in the evenings when I wasn’t in class.

I have keep reading, a lot, before the CISSP, while studying for the CISSP and also since then. I have to admit I hadn’t gone through that many NIST documents before the CISSP but those times opened my eyes. Amount of extensive, valuable and essential stuff. A tremendously significant source of course for the CCSP (as I see the dark stuff to be a pretty much same thing as rest of the IT (security) field, just a “little” bit different twist).

EDUSUM cover almost all topics. AIO has skipped some issues of CBK. AIO is composed in all paragraph style with less no of bullet points. I found very few figures in AIO.

I think Mr. Carter will include more diagrams in his next edition. Some topics are well explained in AIO. I will give equal weight to both.

  • Overall I found this exam most tough exam than any other certification exam, e.g., CISA, CISM, CRISC, CISSP. I rate this review higher than others.
  • You can not score much by merely reading CCSP CBK or AIO. The exam is conceptual. Yours have to understand the concept.
  • EDUSUM can help you much better.


Since parent body ISC2 is same for both, CISSP will have some advantage of prior exam

CCSP Exam Experience.

I believe that you need focus & concentration during your study which applies to all another exam also. I have made a lot of research on focus/motivation & belief system. This helps a lot in actual exam

Exam room Experience:

  • I had decided that I shall fight till the last minute. I usually give more time in Ist round.
  • 1st hour of attempt was I scored 47. 2nd hour was tough, and kind of slow began to happen. At one time I had to flag 8–10 question in a row. After 2nd hour, my score was 82. I took the break of 4–5 minutes and completed 1st round in 190 minutes. I had marked 37 questions for review.
  • I completed the study before 12 minutes. In remaining time I reviewed some initial questions again & Pressed he final SUBMIT button on 240th minute. I almost changed 7–8 answers in my 2nd review.
  • At the end, I was satisfied with my performance. When I came out, my dream certification success letter was in my hand.

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