The world needs tools for fast and low-cost app prototyping. For many startup founders, white-label services will be the go-to solution.

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The 2007–2008 financial crisis killed many successful businesses. But it also gave birth to dozens of great ideas that later turned into leading international companies. Airbnb, Uber, Instagram, and WhatsApp were all born during or after this crisis. By offering new experiences, introducing new business models, and creating new habits, these startups found a home on our smartphones.

Many of today’s successful companies once started with a minimum viable product or MVP. In most cases, you’ll read a story of a seat-of-the-pants prototype that allowed the founders to prove their idea and attract the first users.

Airbnb started with an…

Photo: A young woman talking with Clubhouse audio chat app by Marco Verch under Creative Commons 2.0

Clubhouse app interest reached its peak in February 2021. Everyone was talking about the new potential unicorn. An amazingly simple idea turned into an app everybody wanted to download. But not everybody was able to.

Initially, Clubhouse focused on the iOS audience and was polishing the app for quite a long time. According to recent OS market share statistics, the team was targeting only 27% of the mobile market users, at the time when other 82% were screaming “Give us Clubhouse Android app”.

After five years of using a Chromebook for my writing, I decided to switch to a Macbook. And I am not impressed.

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Disclaimer: 90% of the time I use my computer for reading and writing, and I don’t expect it to have an impressive CPU or RAM. Here’s my experience with the working device, which you may find useful as well.

Five years ago, I landed my first job and needed a laptop. Being a fresh graduate, my budget was limited, so I couldn’t afford to spend a solid sum of money on a laptop, despite it being my primary tool in making money.

I checked a few low-cost Windows-based computers, and none of them felt right. Then I read about cheap…

Programming code projected on a woman
Programming code projected on a woman
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The pandemic and the development of Covid-19 vaccines dominated the news in 2020. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the scientific world held its breath.

In the field of artificial intelligence, 2020 was rich in discoveries and inventions. Today, we review three stunning achievements of AI that no one believed were possible just a few years ago: the solution to the protein folding problem, a language model with more background knowledge than any living being could ever have, and the most advanced self-driving system available in consumer cars.

AlphaFold introduces a solution to the protein folding problem

Protein folding has been a major challenge in biology for half…

Node.js headed the top software development frameworks list in 2019 and doesn’t lose its positions today, in 2020. Sparkling with Github stars, shining with developers’ impressions, Node.js wins the attention and becomes an important topic to discuss when looking for a perfect development tool.

Unlike most of the JavaScript front-end-oriented technologies, it enables building a well-structured, logical, and scalable app’s server-side. But before choosing it as a critical technology for your startup app, you probably look for some real examples of Node.js products. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

Recently, our team had prepared the list of the most…

Finally, we have ascertained how the receipt for success looks like. Every time you are going to do a great job, may it be a viral piece of content or a spectacular mobile app, you need to:

  • Roll out your product right on time when users need it;
  • Make this product as useful and trendy as it is even possible.

We can’t say when it’s the best time to launch a solution. Actually, no one can: you are the only one who decides when the product development should start.

However, we are ready to help you with making your product…

The process of choosing a cloud service provider has never been simple. When making the final decision, you need to take into account a number of factors — the availability of customized services, security, scalability, price, and many others. Therefore, in this article, we decided to compare the four most popular services that you can use to deploy cloud infrastructure.

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Amazon Web Services

Of course, Amazon Web Services is an industry leader. Most companies around the world have already chosen these technologies as an aid to their business. And this…

The P2P marketplace is a special type of application supporting the best qualities of a sharing economy. This is an idea that you should definitely think about if you feel that a particular request from a particular group of users can be satisfied in this way. In this article, we describe the basics of creating a p2p marketplace and also lead you on the right path cleaned from pitfalls.

The Brief Story of the First P2P Marketplace

The first platform implemented on the basis of the P2P marketplace principle was eBay when its founder decided to sell a broken laser pointer. …

The modern reality is that if you do not have a Facebook profile, then you do not exist. Social networks have conquered the world and evolved from entertainment tools to powerful business technologies. Do you know what this is all about? Yes, it’s all about money.

A powerful social network that has the chance to be on a par with global giants like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin can give you everything you can only dream of — from the famous name to the six-digit number on your account, which will allow you to never worry about anything else. …

If you are looking for a way to quickly connect to your target audience, then a mobile application is perhaps the best of them. However, here you need to understand that not all types of businesses need a mobile application as such since there are other options to stay in touch.

But if you have made the final decision that you need an application, now you need to decide what type of online solution to create and how to choose from the three available ones. …

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