Conquered Through My Stomach

Coconut milk soup! Yaaamii!

Today I was going to write an article entitled “Stop feeling sorry for yourself”. Instead I decided to write about something far more positive and special to me: food. I’m not your typical food lover. I just like food. Not to be mistaken with cooking. I have nothing to do with cooking. That’s a whole different story.

This weekend was quite lively but at the same time cold weather stroke again and sore throat stroke again. It has been a while since I felt sick. Since last December basically, almost 6 months ago, which for me it’s a personal record.

Today I got out of work with my head feeling like a balloon that could explode any minute. My eyes heavy and a sense of sickness in my stomach. “Oh, snaps! I can’t be sick!” I’m traveling this weekend, so no… this isn’t the time to be sick. Feeling the urge to get healthy and strong as fast as I could and the best I could, I decided I needed to eat well to feel good. So, I headed to my favorite place to do so in Berlin. A little Vietnamese restaurant in a busy street of Moabit. Tônis. That’s the name.

Tônis Vietnamische Küche is a small restaurant ran by what seems to be a “glücklich” vietnamese family. The main kitchen where food is actually cooked (they also have another side where they cut the vegetables, prepare the rice, etc.) is completely open, allowing us to see the chef adding the ingredients to the woks, tasting and finishing the dishes always with a smile or at least a positive look on his face. Smiling is something that’s always there. From the cook to the adorable lady that takes the orders and serves this delicious food, everyone always smiles. It’s not a fake commercial smile. It’s a good, genuine, heart warming smile. Whenever I feel down (or ill), I get out of there a new person. The food is amazing, healthy, cooked with love. You can feel it. It’s as if you were eating your mom’s food (even though in my case my dad is the chef).

I love food because food is attached to memories. Or memories are attached to food… (Not sure what’s the right order)… And usually these are great memories with great people. Even though I am from Portugal and not Vietnam, this little corner of Berlin feels like home away from home. My heart has been conquered through my stomach and I can assure you I am not a man.

I don’t have a commission, but I love this place! You really have to visit it! :) 
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