BACnet enabled Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Case Study

Area of engagement
Solution to integrate wireless temperature monitoring system with BMS (Building Management System).

A leading manufacturer of wireless temperature- and humidity-transmitters.


  • Client offered a Temperature Monitoring System which consists of Wireless Transmitters and Application Software
  • Third party BACnet Application such as a Building Automation System needs access to vital parameter such as temperature, humidity, CO2, etc., measured by wireless sensor devices
  • Client needed a solution to allow data exchange from its Temperature Monitoring System with BMS

The SoftDEL Solution

  • SoftDEL developed a software BACnet Gateway that converts the sensor data from the Temperature Monitoring System into a BACnet format
  • SoftDEL used its own BACnet/IP stack in developing the gateway solution
  • The gateway included a data logging facility for storing data until retrieval

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