Lead Tracking Software

Sales team management software will help small business owners in identifying great sales prospects as well as turning it into profitable relationships. If you want the best sales opportunities, this page will help you in finding the right software you can use.

Leads Management Software List

Base/Future Simple

This sales lead tracking software has free version and if you want to get it, you just need to pay $125 every month. You can download it and trying it is what you need to do. Since the starter version is free, you can use it in knowing more details about the system. When it comes to focus, the software is focus on organization that is why you do not need to maintain the complicated spreadsheets of sales leads.


This client tracking software can help you and you need to pay $299 per month. The software is running Quickbook and TurboTax. You are lucky if you choose the system because it is one of the leading tracking applications that available for small business with focused team in terms of customer service. If you have team members, they will receive automated notifications and much more.

Sales Genius

This is one of the sales leads software you can choose from. It has a free version and paid version. For the paid version, you need to pay $800 per month. Using the system will allow you in sending trackable emails with the use of Microsoft Outlook that make the steps so easy. In addition, it maintain a detailed sales leads site visits that will tell how often and when prospect is seeking at the site.


This leads software is available for free and for paid version, you need to pay $25 per month. This software is perfect for all business owners who do not have much budget. The free version gives integration with the Google Apps, contact sharing and online technical support and it include more than 40 business apps. The premium version of the tool is only $10 for each month and will give you access on all mobile applications. With it, it has plugins, advanced content sharing as well as API.


The software allows you in tracking the correct details about CRM leads. Because of the rich activity timeline, it will let you see as well as access the current contact details at the same time understanding the relevant documents and best practices.


This is offered for free and it is available on self-hosted system and cloud software allowing you to install it on your server. The good thing with it is that it fully support sales cycle from deal to lead. It also has sales tools such as email marketing and call center. The system is easy to customize and it will definitely adapt to your needs. Track your leads today and sell more.


This software will accelerate users lead management expertise and knowledge. There are guides that will be given to you so that you will know what to do. Using the software will help you a lot do you no longer need to worry about your business.


Velocify has many features that you will want such as the ability in distributing leads. If you want to track or get more leads, use the system. It will give you the best help you need. You are assured to have a great competition with others that is why you should take advantage of the opportunity.


The system will help you in managing your clients and to streamline and automate marketing processes. It is your help in capturing, nurturing and to convert leads. Since it is cloud based, you will find it very easy to use, learn and deploy. Also, it adapts to all businesses and they have chance to customize it.


This is a one-stop solution for tracking leads. It can include data on merchant sizing, payment method, shipping, traffic ranking, contact and technology. If you have an online business, you may want to get this solution that helps you track your lead for better sales.

Getting Started with Lead Tracking Software

Whatever lead distribution software you need, be sure to choose wisely. Make sure that you do a good research and to check each one of them to know if it is working well for you or not.

Feel free to learn about point of sales software, and you will be knowledgeable about its useful functions.

Choose from this list of lead tracking software today!

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