Ways That Help You Get Quality Backlinks to Your Website

Backlinks are the links which are directed towards a site. The number of backlinks is actually a sign of the importance or popularity of that website. These links are required for SEO as some search engines, particularly Google, gives more credit to sites which have a really large number of good quality backlinks, and take those sites more appropriate than others in their pages of a search query’s results.

Anybody who knows little about SEO can tell about the importance of getting the backlinks. However, only getting them won’t work actually; you require quality backlinks for useful SEO results.

Here are some methods to help you get quality links:

1) Making list of top 10:

When you discuss someone on your blog or mention that person’s name in the top 10 list, he/she loves it. Every top 10 list which is appropriate for your industry can help you get backlinks.

You can do this in simple 4 steps:

- Search top influencers in your particular category.

- Write a blog and post it on the site regarding top influencers for following.

- Write good things in your post regarding these people.

- Send mail to the influencers and do mention them in social networks once you have posted the article and request them for sharing and link back to that whether they are interested.

2) Social bookmarking:

Social bookmark is a link which is posted by people on social websites for others for seeing as they think it valuable or interesting. This process helps you not only get the backlinks but also generate traffic for a particular blog post.

3) Create interview blogs:

If you anyhow get an opportunity to interview a well-known person of your industry, just don’t miss it. Blogs on interviews generate good readership, particularly whether the interviewee is a famous person. This will surely earn backlinks for your company.

4) .Gov and .Edu backlinks:

If you can find Gov and Edu backlinks, then it will enhance the link authority of your website.

Here are some ways to get links from .Gov and .Edu websites:

- Get the .Gov and .Edu blogs and try for leaving appropriate comments.

- Provide scholarships in educational institutions.

- Write blog posts regarding those institutions or you can mention the institution’s name on your blog and then send them the link. They might use it if they find it enough good.

- Educational institutions’ websites have the pages of resource wherein they provide links to the websites which give fruitful info to candidates. Check whether your site gives any fruitful info on any above-mentioned topics.

5) User generated and Evergreen content:

If your content is not enough good, then no practices mentioned above will work. So, ensure that your content is approaching.

Two most relevant strategies for it are:

- Target on evergreen content

- Create user-generated content

Please note that an excellent article which is both informative and interesting, will not rank higher on Google search whether it does not have sufficient quality backlinks. You can’t have a high-ranking website without generating good quality links. So, even whether you find the above-mentioned ways time-consuming, ensure you utilize them as they prove for being advantageous in the long run. For this procedure, hire an SEO company in Gurgaon, which can help you get good quality backlinks.