#TechMasters: Quitting To Get Ahead

TechMasters.chat, a new community for developers, has published an article based on their conversations in their Slack channels focused on their weekly topic. This week their topic was leaving jobs that are bad for you.

The summary features the key takeaways for why people quit jobs:

  1. Needing more flexibility — As the lead caregiver for my kids, being able to work on a very flexible schedule and having the ability to take off chunks of time between freelance projects would better suit our family.
  2. Underfed curiosity — I wanted to learn different programming languages, explore new technologies, and work on more challenging problems of my own choosing.
  3. Disconnect — After working so many years in an academic research setting, I yearned to engage with and more directly serve the community I was working to create solutions for.

We do have an account on the TechMasters Slack chatroom and encourage software developers to join. It has the feel of good IRC chat rooms and they strive to make sure there is a great signal-to-noise ratio.

Originally published at Software Dev Group.