FAB! Summer Camp

Sofía Galán
Sep 29, 2017 · 10 min read
Future mexican video game developers and FAB! Team

The best kind of FAB! is achieved when different backgrounds and personalities come together to solve a problem.

Introduction to FAB! Summer Camp 2017
Kids learning how the 3D pen works and how to make the basic shapes.

Christel House:

FAB! Technology Summer Camp 2017

3D Printing and Arts

Clay model by Julia, an outstanding student during the 2017 summer camp.
The kids in the Museo Rufino Tamayo.
Learning how to set up the 3d printer for their first prints.
Final presentation Day! Audrey Yuleith, 10 years old, presenting her mixed animal creation to her class and parents.

Laser Cutting and Materials Science.

Looking crisp and smooth at the Laser Cutter in FAB!
Week 2: Laser cutting and materials science.

Video Game Development and Design.

Basic exercise on animations for our Video Game Dev. Week.

To wrap things up…

FAB! Summer Camp 2017

Want to learn more about FAB! Learning México?

Sofía Galán

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Hardware Engineer — Let’s chat. sogalanbat@gmail.com

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