There were places she kept her secrets, places deep down where it was impossible for the normal mindset to feel the feelings she couldn’t shake.

The diary she kept scared the heads of the closed off minds. Multiple profanities, always a different dream, but the feelings always remained and she was always a heart beat away from drowning in love for others.

It didn’t take much, she would find her soul and brighten up, taking the pieces of the last heartbreak, or the last failure, or the absolute nightmare that woke her up in the middle of the night stealing her moments dreaming of him, she took those pieces and plastered them together, fitting the ridges into the well rounded curves.

The bright lights blinded everyone in her view. But when she found him and his soul, she wanted nothing but to surround his cold existence in the love she had overflowing out of her hive. He stung her with the scent of his being, and she carried him with her in every moment she existed.

She tried to separate and it hadn’t been enough time, but she knew she would never recover from these cracks that were engraved now into her lips.

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