We all have demons, some are harder to capture than others

Each have their own name, their own plans of destruction

They first introduced themselves to me when I was sixteen

And the people I thought were my friends weren’t my friends anymore

That was Betrayal, the leader of the pack

When I was seventeen I met Jealousy at school

She wrapped her hands around my throat

And nearly choked all of the love out of me

The day I saw my lover love someone else

When I was nineteen Depression came shaking my bed

In the middle of the night and woke me up from a dream

She drowned me in a puddle of my own tears

And I felt nothing at all

We may not notice our demons at first —

We will instead blame ourselves for our thoughts and our actions

And all the unintentional pain we cause others

While we are trying to subdue the ball of hurt that is constantly being hurled at us

But sometimes, it is impossible for us to dodge our pain

When we are getting hurt by others

It becomes too overwhelming and seems like the world is spinning out of control

But then we close our eyes and hold ourselves tight

Because in the end, we learn we are strong enough alone

And everything will eventually be all right


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