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Sean Tevis

I like how you whitwashed the term “whitewashing.” That term does not apply to this conversation. And what are you talking about in your comment? It really comes down to if you believe the post or not? It comes down to if you believe the video’s or not. I don’t believe either of them. I don’t believe the post, because they could surely be biased in what they are stating. I don’t believe videos, because I truthfully could not understand what is going on. But I will believe what can be proven. If it can be proven that Clinton had more registered and legit delegates at the convention, I will believe that. If it can be proven they did not include some of Sanders delegates for non-legit reasons, I will believe that. None of it has been proven now.

The thing I dislike though is people are in denial about the underhand tactics of Sanders supporters. People are in denial about the lack of information by Sanders supporters on how the system is supposed to work. People are in denial about how better understanding the system and deadlines is the best way to change the system. It has been proven Sanders supporters do not know how things work, and just lash out when it does not go their way. So, at the moment I am going to lean towards the Nevada Democratic Party side while I can.

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