The first steps taken in implementing Sögur’s governance model included forming the token holder’s Assembly, holding Democonomy voting and the possibility to replace the project’s Executive Council.

We are excited to announce the winners of our Hackathon & Bug Bounty that was held on Gitcoin last month.

Marketing Tasks & Winners

Introduction to Sögur

Challenge Description: Crypto can be complicated. We are challenging you to educate crypto beginners about the Sögur project and ecosystem — via new and original content, written and shared by our users.

Sögur is now in its second phase of governance, which includes a voting platform to enable its currency holders to both propose governance changes and to vote on them.

Key features of the voting process

Eligibility: To be eligible for voting and initiating proposals, currency holders…

Sögur’s governance combines democractic legitimacy with the effectiveness of the corporation, while utilizing the advantages of decentralization and blockchain technology.

A personal note form Sögur’s Managing Director, Keren Orian Nadel

Sögur formerly known as Saga, the global digital currency, has today announced the incorporation of market leader Chainlink’s decentralised price oracles into its protocols. This enables SGR (previously SGA) holders, buyers and sellers to view a real-time off-chain price feed — driving transparency and security in the minting of new coins.

Between 2 and 6 September 2020, Saga held its first-ever participants' vote — exercising for the first time the project’s purpose-built democratic voting model.

  • Monetary Model: The monetary model now departs from the reserve backing faster, exposing holders to carefully modelled…

We’re excited to share that on 2 September 2020, we will be commencing the first-ever participants' vote. The outcome of the vote will shape the future of our project on its path to becoming a global currency.

  1. Monetary Model. We are proposing a change to the reserve ratio of our current monetary model. The proposed change represents an adjustment to the volatility vs. stability balance of the current monetary model. This is done by…

Sögur Currency

Sögur is the democratic evolution of digital coins. Built to be self-sustaining, democratic, and global.

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