What does ‘Love’ mean to you?

Love is like a bundle of Welsh-onion a housewife bought in a market. If you saw someone who brought a bundle of Welsh-onion in a shopping bag, the person is a skilled full-time housewife. Welsh-onion seem to be common, but not easy to handle.

Love also seem to be as common as Welsh-onion, but these are not easy to deal with. The love I have is so great that it is difficult to give it entirely to one person. I love my family. I love my friends and acquaintances. I love hungry people. If I love only one person, my love is too much.

But, each of the love must be different in size and shape. If the size of the love is too large or too small, we hurt each other. The expression of the love is not appropriate, making each other uncomfortable.

Normally a bundle of Welsh-onion is too much to make some dishes. Disposing the remaining Welsh-onion is also very emotionally difficult.

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