Case Study: CPP Health

The following is a case study for a college assignment

As a group, the main goal, before designing a mobile app, was to talk about problems that Cal Poly Pomona students are facing nowadays. In my group, everyone talked about how they have a busy life so that they sometimes forget to care about their health as college students. We believe that our health is our wealth. Although students have a busy schedule, utilizing health services offered on campus might be more accessible for students because they can go to the health center when they have no class. In addition, my group members and I thought that some students know about the health services, but they are not exactly aware of the types of services that are provided there. Besides, some students would like to meet with a therapist to cope with feelings and understand their mental health condition; however, they do not feel confident to make an appointment with a doctor whom they do not know. Therefore, we, as a group, determined that designing a mobile app which informs students about all the health services and allows them to chat with a therapist online can be a good solution to their problem . In this way, students can become familiar with therapists or doctors and have a chance to talk to them when they feel depressed or sick.


I interviewed some people and found out most students rarely go to the health center located on campus although they have heard about some services offered there from their friends. In my team, we tried to assign each member a task. My task was to interview some Cal Poly Pomona students to better understand why students do not much utilize the health resources on campus. After doing the interview, I shared my interviewees’ responses with my group members.

My group also decided to write a survey and ask more people to fill them out in order to find how many students utilize the health services, and what types of health or mental services are mostly used by the CPP students. Additionally, we could realize which types of services students need most. One of my group members spread the survey online and shared his findings with the group. The most common reason for not visiting or rarely visiting is busy schedule and ignorance.

Problem Statement

Affinity Map

I tried to be an initiator and tell my opinions whenever I had an idea in mind. Having group discussions in class was helpful because I felt comfortable to give my ideas to my teammates and receive great ones from them as we were doing an affinity map.


During our brainstorming process, we though that we should consider which people would more likely utilize our app or find it interesting, what content and features our app needs to possess.

People: Cal Poly Pomona Students


· Appointment scheduling

· Notifications

· Easy Scheduling for different types of resources

· Login Page


Students having mental breakdown can find our app useful so that they can find more information about psychological services on app. Furthermore, we can inform students about the relaxation techniques that a recommended by some therapists.


Address, Map, FAQ, Content about Health and Psychological services


Before creating a storyboard two of my group members wrote a scenario together and asked the other three people to make drawing for it. The scenario is about a college student named Sheila who is feeling stressed due to having a midterm and some coinciding projects. She hears from her friends that there is an app special for Cal Poly Pomona health services so that she can better become familiar with the health center, chat with a therapist to discuss her problem with him/her, and learn how to manage her stress. In addition, she can make an appointment with a counselor through the mobile application. I did the last three drawings on the right.

Paper Prototyping

Drawing prototypes was greatly useful because I could receive nice feedback about areas I need to work on before I digitalized my app on Adobe XD. The drawings are fairly simple, and show the steps that a user should take in order to chat and make an appointment with a therapist.

I took notes once I did some user testing.

· Nora suggested creating icons for the buttons on the homepage, putting a submit button at the bottom of the book appointment, and making the shape of the buttons consistent either circles or rounded rectangles

· Sara said it is not clear how she can leave the chat and then, make an appointment with a counselor. Circular buttons at the bottom bar did not look interesting to her. She thought it would look nicer if a keyboard was drawn on the chat page

· Mina mentioned the buttons on the footer should be replaced with icons without having any circles around them. She believed it is not evident where she can chat with a doctor or therapist because she guessed that the contact page only has a long list of doctors’ and therapists’ contact information. She recommended me to show some tutorials about the features at the beginning for the first-time users. Mina also stated the notification that opens up after scheduling an appointment should not be centered.


wireframes are the digital version of the drawings in a more organized way

Final Design

Name of the App: CPP Health

· On the first page, there is a brief explanation about the app

· Then the user will be lead to the login page in order to sign in to his/her student account

· A short tutorial will be shown to the first-time users in order to familiarize them about the features of the app.

· The user can tap on Contact icon in order to chat with a therapist, so he/she has the option to either call or chat with a doctor or therapist.

· The next page shows a therapist is waiting to chat with the user

· The person can leave the chat when he/she is done.

· To make an appointment, everyone can tap on the “make an appointment” button and choose what they would like to make an appointment for. The options are the following: vaccinations, individual counseling, wellbeing workshops, and lab tests.

· Then, a calendar module will be displayed and the user will see what times and dates, therapists are available so that he/she can choose which dates and times are optimal for him/her.

· After hitting the submit button, a confirmation page pops up indicating the appointment is successfully booked, and a notification will be opened in which tells the user about the upcoming appointment.

· At last, the person can tap on the appointment icon in order to review the appointment detail.

Icons used